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Goldrain, since its relocation to the new plant,has optimised its organization structure and relevant quality management processes. Quality is the life of a enterprise.


For the new project, in the development stage,we focus the company's backbone technology on rigorously evaluating the project, and have improved the efficiency of development and one-time success rate.


For the suppliers, the survival of the fittest, we have conducted a re-evaluation and quality guidance to qualified suppliers to ensure that they clarify the quality requirements of our company, thereby improving the quality of incoming materials.


During the production process, we focus on the control of the inspection of the first piece, mass production will not be allowed unless the inspection of the first piece is qualified.


For the major quality problems that arise during the production process, we have set up a special technical reform team, which is composed of quality engineers and R&D engineers,working on the root cause analysis of quality issues,and the team work together with mold engineers and automated equipment engineers to correct and improved molds as well as automated assembly equipment,so as to completely eliminate quality problems from the source.


The mass-produced finished products, after being checked by IPQC,FQC and OQC, will be delivered to the customer by a qualified transportation company to reduce the quality abnormality casued by improper transportation.


The sales team will contact the customer on a regular basis and ask the customer to give feedback on our service satisfaction,for the customer's complaints and suggestions, we have specialized personnel to handle this, and to improve our quality management, so as to satisfy our customers in a better way.


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